My patriarchal friend wears functionalism well.
He speaks of God and Christianity with so much conviction,
Views gender equality as oppression
But equally detests Apartheid and Capitalism
The melting pot for revolutions is but a dream;
The slaves want a new king, and not to be free,
Im only left wing to a certain degree,
to, I actually only care cos it happens to me -Everdope


I live in a society that holds gender stereotypes in higher regard than human life

Where you might lose yours if you don’t subscribe to society’s norms

The beast is us and needs to be reformed. 

We’ve lost faith in the Leviathan- we’re out of control

cos we don’t feel safe walking alone on some roads

For the same old narrative, you’d expect the characters to change

Classism, racism, sexism- but the face is still the same.

We’re more fixated on looking happy than actually being

so we romanticize ideas than actually seeing

The status quo needs to go, we need to get mad as fuck,

(and) do something, revolutions aren’t born of luck

We fight amoungst ourselves for table scraps

as if the pies weren’t made by our own hands - Everdope